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Perfect example of the unscathed natural beauty, the Dhikala ecotourism zone has the most picturesque landscape in the Corbett National Park. Immensely rich in the wildlife variety, it is the most sought after tourism zone in India. Dhikala zone is the largest among the five zones of the Corbett tiger reserve with having the most beautiful landscape which consists of dense Sal forest, large grassland, narrow valley and various channels of the Ramganga river. The Ramganga River is considered as the lifeline of the Corbett forest which enriches the rustic beauty of the wild and nourishes the flora and fauna of the Corbett.

The prime attraction among the vividly rich wildlife in Dhikala zone is the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Asiatic elephants. To the delight of the tourists, this zone is fairly populated with these big animals and thus most often tourists have been bestowed with the graceful sighting of the Royal Bengal tigers and herds of Asiatic elephants. Dhikala zone named after the large Dhikal grassland which is the largest grassland in the Corbett Reserve landscape. Apart from the tigers and elephants, the zone is home to a large number of varied wild fauna which consists of leopards, spotted deer, sambhar deer, hog deer, langurs, wild boars, crocodiles and many other animals and reptiles.

Dhikala Canter Safari Timings :

Winter Canter Safaris Timings-

Dhikala Zone | Jim Corbett National Park Online Booking
  • Morning Canter Safari Entry - 05:30 am & Exit- 11:30 am
  • Evening Canter Safari Entry - 12:00 pm & Exit- 06:30 pm

Summer Canter Safaris Timings-

  • Morning Canter Safari Entry - 05:30 am & Exit- 11:30 am
  • Evening Canter Safari Entry - 12:00 pm & Exit- 06:30 pm

For more information about the Dhikala zone and booking for the night stay in any of the rest houses in Dhikala or the Corbett National Park, please contact us. We also offer the complete package of Dhikala Canter Safari which includes Canter Safari Permit and the accommodation at hotels and resorts outside the Dhikala zone.

Dhikala Jeep Safari :

Unlike the other zones of the Corbett National Park, the Dhikala zone doesn't offer the Jeep safari facility for the day visitors. Only the tourists who have the booking in the forest houses located in the zone can enjoy the Jeep safari in Dhikala. After getting the permit for the night stay in any FRH in the zone, you have to hire a Jeep with a driver and a naturist in order to get inside the park and visit your booked forest house. Once inside the park, you are free to explore the jungle and its flora and fauna by the Jeep for the whole day within the prescribed time.

Dhikala Elephant Safari :

Dhikala Zone | Jim Corbett National Park Online Booking

Elephant safari in the dense forest is the best way to explore the rich flora and fauna of the park as well as it is the most thrilling safari experience as tourists can get the sight of animals at very close range in comparison to the Jeep and Canter safari. The Dhikala zone also offers elephant safari but it can be enjoyed only by the tourists staying in the Dhikala forest house. There are limited numbers of the elephant used for safari and it is a first-come-first-served service so the phrase "an early bird can get the worm" is true here. You have to pay for the elephant safari on the spot at the elephant camp as there is no advance booking for this. The elephant safari is not organized on Monday, so if you like to enjoy the elephant safari then organize your night stay at Dhikala accordingly.

Attractions in Dhikala Zone :

Canter safari is conducted by the Corbett forest officials in the Dhikala zone to provide an opportunity to explore the rich wildlife of this zone. The Canter safari is the only option for the wildlife lovers who stay out of the Dhikala tourism zone and want to visit the area because the Day Jeep safari is not conducted for this zone. The Canter is a 16-seater open bus and a seat on the Canter can be booked from online or from the Corbett National Park office in Ramnagar. The starting point of the Canter safari is Ramnagar Corbett office so the tourists can board the Canter here for the safari if they have pre-booked permit. During the day safari, the Canter makes a stop at the Dhikala forest rest house for a while and tourists can get down from the Canter, get refreshed, take a walk around the compound and can also enjoy the beauty of the overlooking Ramganga river as well as the chance sighting of various wild animals on the riverbed.

Forest Rest House :

The night stay in the forest house in the Dhikala zone is like a dream adventure for any wildlife lovers. There are 4 forest rest houses situated in this zone, which are Dhikala FRH, Gairal FRH, Sarpduli FRH and Sultan FRH. Among all the four rest houses, the Dhikala FRH is the most sought after rest house due to its strategic location and enhanced facilities. Dhikala forest rest house is the biggest rest house with having around 28 double-bed rooms and a dormitory of 12 beds in various accommodation wings. Dhikala FRH is the only forest rest house in the Corbett NP which has the facility of 24-hour electricity in the rooms.

Dhikala Zone | Jim Corbett National Park Online Booking

In order to visit the Bijrani zone, you have to obtain an entry permit for the safari, which you have to show to the forest officials at the entry gate. You can book your safari entry permit through online maximum of 45 days in advance or you can book the same day safari from the forest office in the Ramnagar after paying the required fee. Booking is done on the first come, first served basis and is a subject to availability. Along with the entry permit, you also have to hire a safari jeep and a guide/naturist, which are mandatory for the entry in the tiger reserve area. Maximum of six adults and two children (below 12 years) are allowed in one safari jeep apart from the driver and a guide. It is always best to book your permit in advance before reaching at the Corbett tiger reserve as there is always a rush of tourists for the safari and only 30 safari jeeps are allowed to enter into the Bijrani zone in one shift and almost all jeeps are pre-booked.

Forest Watchtower :

The watchtower is the unique feature of the Dhikala zone, which offers you an amazing opportunity to view the wildlife. The watchtower is situated at the strategic location overlooking the large Chaur and the entire Ramganga River, thus from the tower you will have an excellent sighting of the animals grazing in the grass field or roaming at the bank of the River Ramganga. The watchtower is located nearby the Dhikala rest house and can easily be reached there while staying at the rest house.

Gairal Crocodile Point :

Located near the Gairal Rest house, the crocodile point is a terrace-like spot built over a pool having a large number of crocodiles as the permanent habitat. You can watch the crocodiles and their activity by standing on the terrace and looking down in the pool. This is an amazing feeling to watch such a dangerous creature of water at so close.

Grass Lands (Chaurs) :

The large grassland, which is known as Chaurs, is the prime location in the Dhikala to spot wild animals from tigers to elephants, various species of deer, wild pigs and many others. Dhikala zone is much famous for its vast Chaurs and the tiger sighting in the area is frequently reported by the tourists.

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