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As per the available data and statistics, Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve is one of the largest national parks in India. Managing such a huge forest area is often a problematic task that the Forest Department and the Government of Uttarakhand and Government of India has solved by dividing it into multiple zones. The authorities did so just to put the right effort for the entire growth of the forest areas. Additionally, they can open up more options for the tourists to visit multiple zones and the government would earn some revenue.
Jim Corbett National Park is divided into five parts. Their names with their entry points are indicated below:

Zone Entry Gate
Jhirna Dhela
Bijrani Amdanda
Dhikala Dhangari
Durgadevi Durgadevi
Pakho Kotdwar

Without a doubt, the authorities had to do a great amount of work while dividing the forest area into these zones. It took more than a few years of hard work after which these zones were created successfully. Most of these zones are distinct depending upon their physical features and availability of the wild animals. If you wish to enhance your chances of viewing more animals that are available in these zones, you can book multiple safaris and then enjoy the nicest view of the forest!

Best Jim Corbett National Park Charges Dhikala Zone
The prime attraction among the vividly rich wildlife in Dhikala zone is the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Asiatic elephants. To the delight of the tourists, this zone is fairly populated with these big animals and thus most often tourists have been bestowed with the graceful sighting of the Royal Bengal tigers and herds of Asiatic elephants. Dhikala zone named after the large Dhikal grassland which is the largest grassland in the Corbett Reserve landscape. Apart from the tigers and elephants, the zone is home to a large number of varied wild fauna which consists of leopards, spotted deer, sambhar deer, hog deer, langurs, wild boars, crocodiles and many other animals and reptiles..... Read More

Best Jim Corbett Online Permit Bijrani Zone
Among the six safari zones, Bijrani zone is considered as the best zone after the Dhikala zone to spot the tiger. The picturesque landscape of this zone, which consists of large grass fields known as Chaurs and dense Sal forest, plenty of waterholes and river streams is no less enchanting than the Dhikala zone. The chances of tiger spotting in this zone are almost similar to the Dhikala zone and the tiger sighting is reported often by the safari tourists. Along with the big cats like Bengal tigers and leopards, several types other animals like wild elephants, black bears as well as different types of deer and antelopes namely Chital, Sambar, Hog Deer are found in this zone....... Read More

Best Jim Corbett Online Jhirna Zone
Jhirna Zone is one of the popular zones among the six ecotourism zones in the Corbett National Park. The Corbett National Park is divided into the six tourism zone among which Jhirna zone is added much later in 1994. In order to extend the Tiger reserve zone, the farming lands of the Jhirna village and other two villages were included in the reserve territory and the villages were relocated at some other place nearby.
And then, the land was redeveloped and turned into an exotic lush forest. Due to being operational throughout the year for the wildlife safari in contrary of other zones which are closed during the monsoon season (except the Dhela zone), the Jhirna zone witnesses much footfalls all-round the year. . .... Read More

Best Jim Corbett National Park Booking DurgaDevi Zone
One of the six ecotourism zones of the park, this zone is especially known for being the home to a large number of exotic birds. Literally, the zone is a paradise for the bird-loving enthusiasts. Enriching the peaceful wilderness of this zone, there are diverse species of wild animals are gracing this part of the Corbett forest and attracts a large number of tourists every year. The Corbett forest department organizes day jeep safari in this zone to explore the vivacity and natural beauty of this Corbett tourism zone.
Durgadevi zone is located on the hills thus offering the most enchanting view of Nature along with the variety of wildlife. The Ramganga River and the Mandal River cross each other at several places in the zone, which adds the charm to this forest landscape..... Read More
Best Booking for Jim Corbett National Park Pakhro Zone (Pakhro Entry Gate..Near to Kotdwar)
Pakro (Near Kotdwar) is the new entry gate for Corbett Tiger Reserve. Now you can reach in less than 2 hrs from Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun to Corbett Tiger Reserve How to Reach? By Air: The closest airport is Jolly Grant, Dehradun. By Rail: Kotdwar is the nearest railway station 19 Kms away By Road: 2 Hr Drive from Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun........ Read More

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