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If you are willing to get the best experience of reaching Jim Corbett National Park, then you cannot avoid staying at the Dhikala Forest Rest House. Though the entire Jim Corbett National Park area has some of the finest hotels and resorts, the visitors prefer reaching and staying at the Forest Rest House at Dhikala. Located at the most attractive place in the Dhikala Zone, the Forest Rest House is popular among visitors from all over India and abroad. Due to the increasing popularity of the rest house, getting the Dhikala Booking becomes extremely difficult.

If you are sure about scheduling a trip to this graceful Tiger Reserve in the State of Uttarakhand, then you must plan things very well, especially finalizing the dates so that you can proceed for Dhikala Forest Lodge Booking at the earliest. Usually, the website allows the Dhikala Forest Lodge Online Booking at least 46 days before the actual date of reaching the place. As the demand for the Dhikala Forest Rest House is very high among the visitors, you cannot afford any kind of delay in applying and finalizing the booking. It is good to know and note that the booking is available at the 'First Come First Serve Basis', so you can feel confident about starting at the earliest to get the booking! You should never forget to attach the documents that the Forest Department officers look for while they evaluate your Dhikala Online Booking application!

Accommodation in the Dhikala FRH:

The visitors need to get their booking permits from booking authorities only. As a visitor, you can reach the authority at the Corbett National Park Admin desk stationed at Ramnagar. The authorities issue the permits only after obtaining all the documents from the visitors. Indian visitors need to submit their KYC documents whereas foreign visitors would be required to submit their passports. It is good to mention that the permits are available for a maximum period of three days. Every visitor is required to pay the Dhikala Forest Lodge Price before obtaining the permit. The authorities strictly prevent the transfer of the permits to anyone else. Once issued, the permit becomes non-refundable as well.

Applicable Terms & Conditions

While initiating the process for Jim Corbett Dhikala Online Booking, every visitor must furnish the following documents. The Forest Department officials looking into the booking procedure look for the following documents while they finalize the Dhikala Forest Rest House Booking application:

  • PHOTO Identity Documents: Every Indian visitor needs to furnish a copy of a PASSPORT, PAN CARD AADHAR CARD, DRIVING LICENSE or STUDENT ID, or VOTER ID. The authorities accept these documents as identity cards.
  • The name of the first person in the traveling party must carry the same identity proof and submit that while booking the Jeep Safari or any other safari to visit the Corbett National Park.
  • All other Travelers must also carry their identity proof with them so that they can produce them when needed.
  • The booking permit is not transferable in any situation!
  • The fee paid as the charges is NON-REFUNDABLE.

While you initiate the process for Dhikala Forest Lodge Booking, then you must be very patient to enter all the information and related documents correctly as any mistake here can result in complete chaos for the trip for you and your loved ones.


Canter Safari

Canter Safari in Corbett is the best option for those who reside outside the Dhikala Zone and wish to sight the wildlife of the area. Canter is a 16 seater open air bus that drives from Ramnagar to Dhikala and then back to Ramnagar. For canter safari also one needs to make prior booking using the official website.

Chaurs (Grass Lands)

Dhikala is famous for the vast grassland that is packed with Elephants, Spotted Deers, Wild pigs, Hog Deers etc. Often visitors can spot a wild Tiger crossing the grassland or chasing a deer.

Watch Tower

Watch tower situated at Dhikala is perfectly located and enables you to get an excellent view of wildlife which are come for grazing into the nearby chaurs, It also gives you an excellent view of entire ramganga riverbed as well as a large section of Dhikala chaur. This watch tower is located at a 10 mins walk from Dhikala forest rest louse. There is a man made waterhole around fifty yards to the south of the watchtower which makes it the perfect place to spot Deers, elephants, wild pigs and occasionally a Tiger.

Crocodile Point at Gairal

Crocodile pool is located on the short cut from Gairal to the other rest houses west of it. It is also a balcony-like natural structure, which looks down upon a pool almost permanently inhabited by crocodiles.

Sambar Trail

This jungle track extends from the base of the Dhikala watchtower till the Khinanauli rest house. This area probably has the maximum sighting of tigers in the area.This is due to its ideal location between the hills on one side and the riverbed on the other. Most of the animals cross over in this area while moving down for water. Elephants are also frequent visitors to this track and it is important to be able to reverse your vehicle as easily as you drive it forward, if you plan to drive down this way just before sunset in the summer months. A couple of Serpant Eagles also had their nest high up in a tree beside this track. If patience is one of your virtues, it can almost be guaranteed that this track will not send you back disappointed.

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