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Dhikala Nightstay

About Dhiikala

Dhikala is one of the most popular sought after tourist accommodation in Corbett Tiger Reserve. Herd of elephants and spotted deers pack the vast expanse of famous Dhikala Chaur. This is probably the best place in the Tiger Reserve to spot very rare Hog Deer.
Staying at Dhikala is an experience every wildlife enthusiast looks forward to. Dhangari gate is entrance for Dhikala zone. Dhangari gate is located 18 kms away from Ramnagar while Dhikala Tourist Complex is located 31 Kms inside the Dhangari Gate. Dhikala is open for tourists from 15th November to 15th June. But remains inaccessible during Monsoon season. Dhikala tourist complex overlooks Ramganga Reservoir and is a perfect place to observe Crocodiles and Gharials basking in the banks of Ramganga.

Accommodation : Dhikala Forest Rest House

Different kinds of accommodations are available at Dhikala. Along with the Forest Rest House, Cabins, Hutment, Annexe Dhikala also has 24 bunk beds in Log Huts. The rooms are comfortable with basis amenities.

Food & Other Services : Dhikala Forest Rest House

A very good restaurant caters to the need of visitors staying in the Dhikala Tourist Complex. The restaurant serves buffet meals with good choice of quality foods. A small Canteen is also available for the visitors. Visitors can enjoy wildlife movie show in the evening and also spend their leisure time reading books in the well stocked library.

Canter Safari

Canter Safari in Corbett is the best option for those who reside outside the Dhikala Zone and wish to sight the wildlife of the area. Canter is a 16 seater open air bus that drives from Ramnagar to Dhikala and then back to Ramnagar. For canter safari also one needs to make prior booking using the official website.

Chaurs (Grass Lands)

Dhikala is famous for the vast grassland that is packed with Elephants, Spotted Deers, Wild pigs, Hog Deersetc. Often visitors can spot a wild Tiger crossing the grassland or chasing a deer.

Watch Tower

Watch tower situated at Dhikala is perfectly located and enables you to get an excellent view of wildlife which are come for grazing into the nearby chaurs, It also gives you an excellent view of entire ramganga riverbed as well as a large section of Dhikala chaur. This watch tower is located at a 10 mins walk from Dhikala forest rest louse. There is a man made waterhole around fifty yards to the south of the watchtower which makes it the perfect place to spot Deers, elephants, wild pigs and occasionally a Tiger.

Crocodile Point at Gairal

Crocodile pool is located on the short cut from Gairal to the other rest houses west of it. It is also a balcony-like natural structure, which looks down upon a pool almost permanently inhabited by crocodiles.

Sambar Trail

This jungle track extends from the base of the Dhikala watchtower till the Khinanauli rest house. This area probably has the maximum sighting of tigers in the area.This is due to its ideal location between the hills on one side and the riverbed on the other. Most of the animals cross over in this area while moving down for water. Elephants are also frequent visitors to this track and it is important to be able to reverse your vehicle as easily as you drive it forward, if you plan to drive down this way just before sunset in the summer months. A couple of Serpant Eagles also had their nest high up in a tree beside this track. If patience is one of your virtues, it can almost be guaranteed that this track will not send you back disappointed.

Flora & Fauna

One can spot several types of Deers when in the zone this includes Spotted Deer and others like Para (Axis pornicus), The Sambar (Cervus unicolor), Kakkar (Muntiacus muntjak) which is also called the barking deer due to the hoarse sound it makes resembling the bark of a Dog. It is one of the best places on earth to spot a tiger and wild elephants. This area is also bird watchers dream destination. The surrounding forests and the large water body supports a wide diversity of birds in the area. The chances of spotting a sloth bear are very high in this section of forest. They are attracted by both termites and the sweet nectar of Mahua flowers. The bears have been recorded in intoxicated state when the Mahua ferments in their digestive system.

Dhiikala Jungle Safari

Dhikala ecotourism zone has the most picturesque landscape in the Corbett National Park. Immensely rich in the wildlife variety, it is the most sought after tourism zone in India. Dhikala zone is the largest among the five zones of the Corbett tiger reserve with having the most beautiful landscape which consists of dense Sal forest, large grassland, narrow valley and various channels of the Ramganga river. The Ramganga River is considered as the lifeline of the Corbett forest which enriches the rustic beauty of the wild and nourishes the flora and fauna of the Corbett. The prime attraction among the vividly rich wildlife in Dhikala zone is the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Asiatic elephants. To the delight of the tourists, this zone is fairly populated with these big animals and thus most often tourists have been bestowed with the graceful sighting of the Royal Bengal tigers and herds of Asiatic elephants. Dhikala zone named after the large Dhikal grassland which is the largest grassland in the Corbett Reserve landscape. Apart from the tigers and elephants, the zone is home to a large number of varied wild fauna which consists of leopards, spotted deer, sambhar deer, hog deer, langurs, wild boars, crocodiles and many other animals and reptiles.

Canter Safari

It is another medium to visit core area of corbett national park,we have two canter safaris in a day one is from 0600 Hrs in the morning and.

Elephant Safari

Elephant safari is the best way to view wildlife and jungle through the grassland (Chaurs) and thick jungle by an unconventional route.

Jeep Safari

Away from the confines of mundane life, the Corbett Jeep safari is a journey into the world that is still untouched by mechanization.

Night stay at Dhikala

A night stay at the lodge over the Dhikala Tour is highly recommended for the hardcore wildlife enthusiasts. The best part about staying the lodge is its journey from the Dhangadi gate during which you will cut and run through the rich flora and fauna, vast grassland, dense Sal jungle, and various small river channels. The building of the lodge, which is a mix of old and new, is a sight to behold too. Old rest house at Dhikala possesses the historical architecture, built by the Britishers over hundreds of years ago. For a stay in Dhikala Forest Rest House on a Corbett National Park wildlife tour, you need to book 46 days in advance if you're an Indian and 91 days in advance for foreign nationals.

Dhikala FRH

Dhikala renowned for its panoramic landscape is located at the edge of the Patli Dun valley, along the Ramganga with the Kanda ridge as a backdrop. The heritage building of the old FRH built in 1890's.Though it was one of the first accommodationfacility to be constructed inside the park, staff did not live here during the monsoons till 1963 since it was highly infested with malaria. The ground floor was used as the DFO office and the top floor for accommodation of the forest officers. It has the unique distinction of being the venue for the launch of the "Project Tiger". Subsequently after 1975, Dhikala was formally opened and accommodation increased due to sudden boost in tourism. Apart from the old FRH building several other kinds of accommodation have also been added. The complex is a complete entity in itself with restaurants, nature guides, jeep safaris, a well stocked library, movie shows in the evening and walking tracks. A post office is available to share experience from the park with letters. Watchtowers located nearby provide excellent view of the entire Ramganga riverbed and the magnificent chaurs.

Gairal FRH

The old Gairal Forest complex was built in 1903. The New FRH there has four rooms and eight bed dormitory, is situated next to the Ramganga River where it enters the National park. The FRH enjoys a tranquil environment of great beauty and is excellent for bird watching. The crocodile pool, nearby offers the opportunity to see the ghadial in the water or basking on the adjoining rocks.

Sarpduli FRH

One of the most beautiful Forest Rest House of Corbett overlooking the Ramganga is located at Sarpaduli,30 kms from Ramnagar. It was built in 1908. Elephant movement is fairly common in the area and visitors can even spot Otters in the river nearby. Ghoral can be sighted on the slopes across the Ramganga. Large pools of Mahseer and fish eating birds like kingfisher, fish eagle, etc may be seen in this area.

Sultan FRH

Sultan, the first FRH on the Dhangari-Dhikala road, has the advantage of privacy and solitude. The adjoining Sal forest patch is one of the densest in the CTR and support large number of Deers and Birds. The FRH was built in 1903 and is an ideal place for small group of visitors.

How To Reach

One can reach Dhikala via Dhangarhi gate which is 18 kms from Ramnagar.Dhikala Range Entry Timing One can enter Dhikala range via Dhangarhi Gate and the entry timing to Dhikala range from this gate is 10:00 AM till 4:00 PM.

By Road

Delhi-Ramnagar - 270 Kms
Distance from Other Places Lucknow 410 Kms via Sitapur Road and NH30 & Drive to NH309 in Ramnagar
Dehradun - 230 Kms via Haridwar Road and MDR26W
Haridwar-170 Kms via NH309
Bareilly-165 Kms via NH309 to Chandpur-Kashipur Road in Kashipur
Haldwani(Katgodam)-65 Km via UT SH41
Nainital-65 Km Via UT SH41

By Train

Nearest Railway Station-Ramnagar

By Air

Nearest Airport from Ramnagar is Pantnagar
(Connected by Road Distance - 70 Kms)

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